I make work inspired by women in my life, my grandmother, my mother and myself.  My grandmother came to this country to work in textile/lingerie factories in the mid 1960s and worked heavy hours stitching bras and moving fabric. Her experiences raising me and my mother's early exposure to art history as a child has inspired many of the motifs and poses today.  My work questions ways of digesting Dominican-american society. Painted in art history and the self awareness that comes with being seen as an object. My mediums include print, collages of my old paintings, fabric all purchased from the same store in the Bronx, along with scans of my grandmother's passport, voter registration cards and other biographical materials.  My medium shifts between digital print, silkscreen and woodcuts, a medium initially meant for multiples and mass produced art. Instead of making editions of the same work, I choose make every piece unique, attempting to defy the mediums intention. In homage to the solemn factory worker.