Ruth Rodriguez-Guerrero

B. New York, Dominican American

 My work is semi-autobiographical and reflective of three generations of Dominican women in America, specifically my grandmother, my mother and myself. My grandmother came to this country to work in textile/lingerie factories in the mid-1960s and worked heavy hours stitching bras and moving fabric. Her experiences raising me and my mother's early exposure to art history as a child has inspired many of the motifs and poses today. My work questions the way women are represented in art history and the self-awareness that comes with being seen as an object. My mediums include print, collages of my old paintings, fabric all purchased from the same store in the Bronx, along with scans of my grandmother's passport, voter registration cards, and other biographical materials. Portions of my hospital discharge papers are quietly glued to the canvas, bus tickets left at my door after a breakup, photocopies of a lovers article of clothing. All things that although are very personal are collaged in because of the right shade of pink or the texture a collage needed. I am interested in mass consumption pop culture and how its divulged through a Dominican American lense. More recently I have begun making paintings and works about the Exhausted woman, a woman who has found herself in a society that has expanded her roles with no reward. A “good” woman is expected to work full time, be a good homemaker, mother and keep the weight off all with little to no appreciation. In her quests for women’s equality, she is found tired and still victim to the male gaze. Not to mention the long-standing art history of Odalisques, Venus, and nymphs.

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